There are many businesses that depend on displaying beutiful images; artists, photographers, custom builders, fishing guides and many more. Often the portfolio is the gist of the site, but it can also be a key feature of a site that includes much more. In either case it needs to be done well. Images are compelling and they evoke emotion which often translates to action. You have to get the images right and how they are presented.

Understanding how to present images on the Internet is critical. There are many different platforms that people will view them on from phones to large TVs. Then there are things like Retina, which requires double the pixels. I can guide you through all of that.

I am fluent in Photoshop and I can also code the ability for you to upload images to your site as you need and where you need them. Anything is possible once I understand what you want to accomplish.


Custom Builder

This is a site for a custom builder that relies heavily on the portfolio concept to showcase their work. For this site I designed the logo, the layout and the color schemes. It was made easier by the beautiful photography and of course the final work product of the customer.

Property Management

A new enterprise in property management using great photography to book vaction time at their managed properties.

Up North Escapes

Fishing Guide

This site is for a local fishing guide who totally gets the power of the Internet and the importance of images to attract new and existing clients.


This site is for an aspiring photographer who is making her work available for sale via prints and canvases. I also did the logo design and integrated it with with PayPal to allow customers to make online purchases. This site as a robust backend that allows her to upload new images, re-arrange them, change prices, etc. All without a call to the webmaster.


If you would like to see how beautiful your site in pictures could and should look, let's talk. Complete the form below.