For the small, local retailer e-commerce seems like something that doesn't make sense and never seems to produce. Usually that is because you're using a "webmaster" who doesn't understand marketing. For a small retailer e-commerce needs to be an extension of what your store already is. Your best prospect is your last customer. By collecting the contact information of every customer who makes a purchase in your shop you will build a large database of repeat customers who you can then drive to your site.

I can design you a customized shopping cart that suits your business and the products you offer. I can code the checkout process using your current merchant account and the highest levels of security. All the while collecting data on sales and customers that builds you a database of customers who have had an experience with you. These are the most valuable prospects to have and it is the only way to generate online sales in a time where it is impossible to be found on Google.

If you have spent money on an e-commerce site already and have seen no results that is understandable. You were thinking that all you needed to do was be on the Internet. Well, no. If nobody sees your site that's not being on the Internet. A different strategy is needed for small businesses.


If this makes sense to you then we should talk. I understand you don't know the right questions to ask, but I do. I took a product that nobody thought could be sold online in 1998 and did high 6 figures in its first year all on a website that I coded myself. I get this stuff. Complete the contact form below and let's talk.