Custom coding is important to website development. Many small business website developers use content management systems or CMS and can be effective for creating attractive "looking" websites if done right. However, using just CMS when you need your site to "do" things will often require some or a lot of custom code.

To create a highly functional web presence that does the work you want it do often requires the use of several different languages. Server side languages like VB.Net or C-Sharp, client side languages like Javascript and Jquery, of course HTML which displays your site to the user. Then if your site needs the use of a database that will require SQL and the ability to create proper data table structures.

Most highly effective sites use many if not all of the languages working in concert to deliver the experience and functionality you and your viewers expect. With the ability I have to utilize all of the languages required there is almost nothing that can't be accomplished. You are very unlikely to ever have me tell you that just can't be done. If you've seen it done elsewhere it can be done, obviously. If you haven't seen it done, but would like to I'll be able to tell you if it's possible or not.


I have written millions of lines of code and am constantly educating myself on the latest updates in languages and methods. If you have a function on your website that just doesn't work as expected or doesn't work at all, let me fix it.

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