Does your business rely on dealing with other businesses? You can increase your efficiency and at the same time give your customers a more pleasurable experience. Let your customers place orders, make inquiries, review and pay invoices online.

People in business are busy. Who would prefer to use the telephone to do something if they could do it easily online anytime of the day that suits them?

Let me create a database driven website for you that allows you to easily add products, services, change prices and descriptions. Maybe you need to schedule appointments, recieve payments whatever your business does it can be done better. I have custom coded multi-million dollar international B2B sites that have saved clients countless hours and dollars. Instead of CSRs on the phone and taking orders it now all appears when they login to their site. Instead of spending thousands on printed materials they now spend nothing and no mailing costs either. They love it and so do their customers. All of the data is retained and used to generate online analysis of sales in any format that best serves their needs.


It's very difficult for most to understand what can be done tech-wise, often they don't even know the questions to ask. The best approach is to allow me to visit your business and see how you operate. I have been a plant manager, national sales director, sales trainer and owned my own manufacturing company for over 20 years. In all those postions I was always educating myself in tech and have been teaching myself to write code for over 30 years. I understand how business works; orders, sales, accounting, customer service and personnel. If I think I can deliver you a ROI I will explain how. If not I will tell you that as well. I'm sure you don't know how much savings you can realize by streamlining your operation.

Unfortunately there are far too many so-called webmasters out there who just aren't very good at what they do. But, more than that there are almost none that truly understand how business really works. A business website should be more than just a glorified business card, it should "work" for you. Complete the contact form below and let's talk.